When writing your personal story you can tell the linear story and whereas this is heavy emphasis on school program the school year applied to this is more emphasis on life story interest schools experiences okay so since we don’t have much time I just want to go through these components I don’t want to look specifically example so you need to have a clear narrative a narrative is a story right so you’re telling a story the best way to remember this is a good chance to impress the faculty graduate faculty because you they get to see all the things your resume but here you can really like kind of drag or show something that’s special about the SOP is not a lot of room. If you don`t know what to add to our application just visit Robotdon.

To show you’re especially you’re awesome so you also show how you’re a good fit and it should be stronger but many schools don’t have a personal message it’s not the and the most supportive and always follow the instructions right it’s the fourth time so last thing we’re going to discuss today is letter of recommendation how many of you have had a letter of recommendation written for you that you’ve ever had to ask for recommendation if you’ve been to grad school but also if you have to go to a workplace or transfer jobs it’s very similar and we’re going to talk about what you need but also how you can maximize so get the best letters of recommendation right so there’s a lot of information here but I want to focus on how you can sort of prove that so what is the letter of recommendation and we’ll talk about who should write it what needs to be included how you should ask someone when you should prepare these are all important but there’s not that much you can do about the what because you can’t write it.

You’re not going to write the letter and recondition you can give it to us to edit it but you can’t make you can’t put things in so I want to focus on how and cool so if you don’t know a letter of recommendation is a detailed third-person discussion focusing on personal qualities accomplishments and experiences so if if you have a teacher a professor write it for you they talk a lot about how hard-working you are these words the hard-working or thoughtful or good attitude and they also talk about your abilities and their accomplishments usually you mean the two or more that’s an or two or more letters and yeah so the people who you should ask this is important usually we get professors or employers to write these letters but they should always know you well you shouldn’t be have taken their class for 10 times and then ask them to write it they should know you really would we can tell when they read it oh this professor really really knows disputed or hmm the students really good at work.