1. Tanning salons and under-18 years old (minors)

2. Same sex marriage

3. Illegal immigration

4. RFID technology

5. Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) — is it necessary?

6. Facebook and Social Networks – Is too much information leading us into trouble?

7. Narcissism and today’s society (body image and egotism)

8. Conspiracy Theory – pick a conspiracy theory and research it, giving both sides –then make your decision in favor of one side

9. Body Image: Should “minors” be allowed to get plastic surgery?

10. Should there be a market in body parts? Should body organs be harvested to save others or to lead to a cure for diseases?

11. Should “hate speech” be tolerated?

12. Should Sex Education in schools teach abstinence?

13. Does Sex Education in high school help or harm students?

14. Are vaccinations / inoculations dangerous? Should children have them?

15. Do Jehovah Witnesses have the right to keep medical treatment from their children?

16. Do same sex high schools have better results than heterogenous high schools?

17. Should female students be taught differently than male students?

18. Should parents be allowed to select sex of their babies?

19. Wiki-Leaks — service or danger to society?

20. Cell Phones – Are they harmful?

21. Are genetically modified foods safe to eat?

22. Does the internet strengthen or weaken social connections?

23. Is the use of animals in research justified?

24. Does Media violence cause aggression in children? (limit to video games or cartoons or TV shows or movies)?

25. Should colleges continue the practice of affirmative action?

26. With the economy the way it is and college loans the amount they are, should students be encouraged to go to college?

27. Beauty pageants for children – should they be eliminated?

28. Did President F.D. Roosevelt engineer Pearl Harbor?

29. Should Guantanamo Prison be closed down?

30. Is Obama’s Health Care (Affordable Health Care Act) going to reach those who need it most at reasonable rates?

31. Is Wal-Mart good for the economy?

32. Should “battered wife syndrome” be barred as a defense in murder cases?

33. Does the sharing of music files through the internet violate copyright laws?

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