34. Should English be the official language of the United States?

35. Should DDT be banned worldwide?

36. Should the military be exempt from environmental regulations?

37. Does the use of DRONES violate personal privacy?

38. Does IQ significantly contribute to crime?

39. Does the Federal Government have the right to listen in to telephone or cell phone calls in order to deal with terrorism?

40. Can profiling help identify potentially violent students?

41. Is hazing a social problem or is just plain good fun?

42. Should priests in the Catholic Church be allowed to marry?

43. Separation of Church and State: The Pledge of Allegiance in schools???? Religious slogans and banners in southern schools?

44. Should textbooks be censored if a portion of the country objects to religious or political values or issues that are included in textbooks?

45. Teachers and tenure – should tenure exist?

46. Should teachers be held accountable for their students’ results (under Race to the Top and the Common Core)?

47. Do charter schools threaten the public education system or are they a positive movement in education?

48. Is the Common Core good or bad for education?

49. Do charter schools help close the achievement gap?

50. Should boys be taught differently than girls in school?

51. Would merit pay encourage / foster better teaching?

52. Teachers and “first-hired/first fired” – is this good or bad for education?

53. Should nightly homework be abolished?

54. Is there grade inflation in colleges? Do employers really know what students are like based on their college performance?

55. Middle –school — social promotion — should students be promoted because of their age?

56. Regular testing and academic school performance — does such testing improve student performance?

57. Are Labor Unions, once a vital force for workplace “fairness and justice”, still necessary and valuable?

58. Should the federal Government issue variances so foreign nationals (tech fields) can work in America?

59. Should U.S. companies receive tax breaks if they located in foreign countries?

60. Should the rules of sports be changed in order to lessen concussions and other head/spinal injuries?

61. Are Americans overmedicated? (ADHD, autism, behavior disorders, over-the-counter drugs)

62. Do diets work? Research

63. Is testing a good measurement of student knowledge or does it exist as the product of corporate greed?