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Great work!!!

This is one of the best inspirational books that I’ve ever read. It can absolutely change your beliefs, actions, attitudes and lifestyles as well. With this outstanding book, all things will turn into a perfect one giving you a perfect happiness. Once you read this book, you will surely know why people desire to have this and understand why they continue to patronize it.

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– John De Longhi


Reading this book was an emotional experience for me. Daring,truthful and realistic! A very different perspective to what has been preached to-date.

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– Rie Busten

The past meets the present – to help!

The author did a great job in joining past, long lost teachings, with the present needs, in order to help us live in the present moment. He made me realize that there is an inner source of knowledge that I can rely on, anytime I am in need. Thank you for writing such a simple, jet precious book.

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– Natalija Princi
Tomislav Tomic
Self-development author & life coach
Island of Hvar, Croatia

Dear Friend,

Do you believe that eternal happiness and joy are just for the chosen ones?

Do you think that it’s the luckiest or the most enlightened ones that are blessed with the purest form of happiness our universe has to offer?

Do you think that you were never meant to unleash your true potential just because you are not placed amidst the right circumstances?

Do you believe that you are destined to see the happiness and success of the “chosen few” from a distance and get vicarious pleasure occasionally, for some moments?

You are not alone. Fortunately, you are not correct (please don’t mind me saying that).

Unfortunately, there are millions of individuals like you who go on living with this same mindset that eternal happiness is a myth or at best, something that only a few get to experience.

As a consequence, you keep on living in the same rut day in and day out, resigned to this way of life that is driven by vicissitudes and circumstances.

There is no charm in getting up in the morning. Every new day is same as the day gone by …

There is nothing to look forward to …

There is nothing to feel good about what has happened …

The elusive happiness is lying somewhere, you are craving to get there, but you’re either clueless, or you feel it is a desire that’s unattainable.

But do you know that you can be in the driving seat of your life?

Do you know that instead of envying people you can be a subject of envy (not that I encourage such an attitude)?

No, this is not a pep talk – this is something that has been scientifically proven. You can do that. Every individual can do that.

Yes, the power lies within you.

Again, please keep this in mind, that this is not a pep talk.

You can control your life just the way you can control your thoughts.

It means, if you can transform the way you think, you can transform your entire life and the lives of people around you.


Here are a few facts that happy, successful and content people are aware of that unsatisfied people are not:

  • Your happiness and unhappiness are solely dependent upon you...
  • Happiness is not a matter of luck and circumstances; your happiness is always within your reach...
  • Your happiness does not belong to your social position, your career success or your material possessions (this is not to undermine their significance)...
  • Happiness is not elusive and hard to get, in fact it is waiting for you – you just have to look for it at the right places...

Now that we’re talking about happiness, do you know that people who are truly happy:

  • Are more successful in life?
  • Are more financially and emotionally secure?
  • Live enriching social and cultural lives?
  • Are generally admired and adored by their peers, family members, community and friends?
  • Live healthier lives?
  • Are not bitter about the success of others?
  • Are a great asset to whichever community and society they belong to?

Truly happy people don’t wait for “special days” and special occasions to feel happy. Again, happiness is not circumstantial. It does not have triggers.

Happiness is a matter of your consciousness – it is a matter of the way you perceive yourself  and the world around you. This means,just as you can control your thoughts, you can control the presence and absence of happiness in your life.

But then, wouldn’t you see many people around you happy and joyful? If it were as simple as changing your mindset, wouldn’t the world be a better place today?

Herein lies the difference of “knowing the secrets”. Or having the key to unlock the “cornucopia” of true happiness.

Although being perpetually happy is a matter of changing your perception, the change of perception is a highly intricate process. It requires a level of awareness that can only be attained through proper guidance. There a reason hundreds of thousands of books have been written on this very subject and they sell in the market like hot cakes.

We all want to be happy, no matter how resigned and dejected we feel.

We are all constantly searching for the true knowledge that will help us see the true light.

We are all receptive.

We just need the right message that can help us unlock the labyrinthine complexities of our psyche and  dig out the Enlightenment.

“Ancient Keys of Joy” is not a solution; it is a guidance. It aims to empower you!

By merely purchasing the book and reading it in one go is not going to make you happy. If you’re looking for such a solution, then I advise you, please don’t buy this book!

Buy this book if you’re looking for a guide that can lead you to the fountain of eternal happiness.

It lays down processes and guidelines that you will need to follow.

You will need to persevere, you will need to train your mind and obviously, you will need to change your mindset.

Think of it as a coach. You want to be a top notch athlete but only an experienced and qualified training coach can help you become one. Having a highly successful and qualified coach doesn’t mean that you don’t have to practice everyday in order to make your body flexible and strong. You will have to work hard, you will have to become stronger. Your coach will tell you what to do and how to do it – but you will have to do it.

Here is a glimpse of some of the amazing secrets, tips and techniques encapsulated within “Ancient Keys of Joy”:

  • The limitless implications of unleashing the true joy within us …
  • Why you don’t need reasons for being joyous and excuses for not feeling so …
  • What actually true success entails …
  • How to change your physical reality with mental change of perception …
  • How to attain happiness NOW instead of waiting for it to happen …
  • The three mistakes to avoid that keep most of us unhappy and unfulfilled …
  • What’s the true potential of positive thinking …
  • How your beliefs control your destiny …
  • How to control your thoughts to create the reality you really want to experience …
  • How to create your own beliefs rather than depend on the once dumped upon you by society, culture, past experiences and less optimistic people …
  • How to define your own goals and achieve them …
  • How to use ancient and simple techniques to relax immediately …
  • The glaring differences between “meditative state” and “meditation techniques” – this can decide how effective your meditation is …
  • Two ancient (in fact, perhaps the oldest known to the mankind) meditation techniques explained in detail and how they can be applied on modern lifestyle …
  • What is Enlightenment and what is its importance in your life …
  • What is the fundamental difference between your personality and the “real I” …
  • See “positive thinking” beyond cliches and bring monumental changes through it …
  • How to break monotony and introduce freshness into your day-to-day routines …
  • And much more!

As is often said, half the battle is won when you take the first, and in this case, the first step is, buying “Ancient Keys of Joy”.

Your happiness awaits you. I have spent thousands of hours carefully studying, and compiling the wisdom contained in the ancient books from a wide array of cultures and societies across the globe. These are the best nuggets the entire wisdom of the world has to offer.

Amazing book …

I have read the book a couple of times. It has the qualities of a manual for life. All those who wish to know themselves and their possibilities must definitely have it in their room, and hold it in their hands often.

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– Ivan Blazevic

Clears up lots of confusion about meditation and inner transformation …

The book is actually very well thought out. It makes no airy-fairy claims. It takes into account human nature, as well as common sense in the area of spirituality (for instance, the fact that most people have little free time to devote to inner transformation these days.) It looks into how to achieve inner peace and joy, as well as how to achieve our external goals. And it makes for interesting reading as well!

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– Feliciano

Ultimately it is your decision. It’s you who has to decide  whether you want to continue the way you have been living, or you want to change your life for good. Decide!




P.S. If you continue to approach your life in the same way, you’re going to get the same results.

P.P.S. You have only one life to live. Make it one filled with happiness, passion, fulfillment, and satisfaction. Live it with a purpose!


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